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Plant Based Diet: You Deserve to Know the Health Benefits with Scott Wagnon PA-C

 In this interview by a former food/lifestyle medicine class attendee, Scott Wagnon shares the story of how he learned about nutrition and lifestyle medicine. He also discusses the health benefits of a significant diet and lifestyle change, and that you deserve the best health that the science has to offer.

How to make stress your friend

Kelly McGonigal

  Health Psychologist
The Willpower Instinct
This lecture will help you with the behavior change needed to achieve your health goals

  Kelly McGonigal

  Health Psychologist

This video is a great 8 minute cartoon that summarizes the background of where evidence based nutrition and lifestyle comes from, as well as the wonderful website we encourage you to become familiar with

The Philosophy Of Nutrition Facts

Why should we care where our diet recommendations come from?

Dr. Michael Greger

“How the nutrition facts website researches the science”-

Dr. Michael Greger

“Calorie Density" lecture

by Dietitian Jeff Novick

Saray Stancic M.D.

An Inspiring Story Of How She Put Multiple Sclerosis In Remission With Diet And Lifestyle Change

Forks Over Knives

Watch The 2011 Documentary That Has Inspired So Many Toward A Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle

Inspiring Lecture By Dr. Michael Klaper Who Gives This Talk On Lifestyle Medicine To Medical Schools

Great Lecture By Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn On Preventing And Reversing Heart Disease Given In Portland, Oregon

Wonderful and Straightforward 37 minute lecture on Type 2 Diabetes by Dr. Neal Barnard of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)

Prophetic Interview by Dr. John McDougall with Plant Based Pioneer Nathan Pritikin from the early 1980's

Interview by Dr. John McDougall with Plant Based Pioneer and "Fiber Man," Dr. Denis Burkitt from the early 1980's

Watch this lecture by Dr. Michael Greger about Pandemics from 2008. He was an expert on Infectious and Zoonotic Disease prior to his work in Nutrition

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